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The area around Govedartsi

SkiThe proximity of Govedartsi to the largest mountain resort in Bulgaria Borovets (15km), to the tourist mountain center Maliovitsa (13km), to the spacious forests, green meadows and beautiful ski tracks, attracts many nature-minded people. During the summer months you can discover coziness and coolness in the lovely pine woods of Rila mountain. The adherents of the pedestrian and ecotourism - with the help of an experienced mountain guide, provided from guest house "YAVOR" can become well acquainted with the fair vicinities of Govedartsi through pedestrian ecotoutes circular, easy for passing, with duration no longer than 4 hours and cognitive subject-matter:

LakeThe tourists who are more tenacious can enjoy the beauties of the Seven Rila Lakes, the Urdini Lakes, the Fearful Lake and the Ionchevo Lake, which are part from National Park "Rila Mountain". There are perfect conditions for velo-tourism and excursions in the area. Guest house "Yavor" offers mountain bikes for rent.
During winter the adherents of winter sports can benefit from the excellent conditions, which the ski tracks of Govedartsi, Maliovitsa and Borovets provide. We offer as well a ski coach for beginners.
In the swift-flowing mountain waters of river Black Iskur and its numerous feeders the fishing fans can try their luck and hopefully can enjoy the taste of the Balkan trout.

Possible touristic itineraries in the vicinities of Govedartsi, from which you can choose depending on your skills and time, are:

Yavorova Glade

A forest land in the valley of Urdina river on the way for tourist complex "Maliovitsa" (40min) and hut "Vada". It is a massive valley enlargement, occupied from a vast glade, surrounded aside from an old coniferous forest and sycamore trees.
From Yavorova glade through the valley of Urdina river the tourists can reach the Urdini lakes and immediately after the rivers bridge in south direction there is a path for the open country Zeleni Rid and hut "Ivan Vazov".

Tourist Complex "Maliovitsa"

 ""It is 13km away from Govedartsi and it is situated in the area "Mecha glade" 1700m above sea-level with a hotel and central mountain base, called "Hristo Prodanov". There are ski tracks and lifts. On the mountain ridge "Rujdavitsa" there are ski tracks and lifts as well.
Hut "Maliovitsa" is the nearest and on foot it could be reached for 1 hour. It is situated 1960m above sea-level.
Tourist itineraries in the region are: