Guest House "Yavor"
Govedartsi , 51 "Iskar" Street
+359 2 825 87 84

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Guest House YAVOR member of the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism

HouseGuest house "YAVOR" is situated in the mountain resort Govedartsi 75 km south from Sofia.
Govedartsi! This name is very familiar for thousands of holiday-makers, tourists and mountaineers. A central hamlet in the Black Iskar valley in Northwest Rila. Surrounded from everywhere by mountains the valley is strangely silent and windless. And practically without fogs. The snow falls early, sometimes even from the start of October and does not melt from the fields until the end of March.
During the hot summer days it is always cool the tempature rarely exceeds 25 degrees Celsius in shadow at noon. In one word Govedartsi possesses the ideal climatic conditions for a holiday resort.